Where can I upload my work permit?

This is how you can upload a new work permit in the jobvalley App:

  • Tap on the profile icon in the upper left corner to get to the "Account & Einstellungen" section.
  • Select "Abrechnungsdaten" and then "Arbeitserlaubnis"


Please ensure the following points that help us with verifying your work permit:

  • upload all necessary documents with all the pages (e.g. Aufenthaltstitel, Niederlassungserlaubnis, Fiktionsbescheinigung, Visum).
  • if a document refers to another document, please upload also that document.
  • the validity dates you enter in the app have to match the dates on your documents.
  • upload the correct documents.
  • make sure that the uploaded documents are readable.

Important: Please never upload an identity card, as this is not proof of a work permit.

If your work permit depends on your studies, please also upload a certificate of study in the section Studienbescheinigung.

Please contact your jobvalley recruitment partner or our support team if you have more questions about your work permit.

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