How does the "Einsatzzeiten hinzufügen" (Add Assignments) feature work in the jobvalley app?

Please keep in mind that not everyone is able to view and use this feature in the jobvalley app. First, the host company needs to consent to the use of the "Einsatzzeiten hinzufügen" (Add Assignments) feature to allow us to activate it for you.

We've developed this feature to help those who have already discussed and planned their working hours over the coming weeks together with the host company.

We’re placing our full trust in you by allowing you to set your own hours and unite your studies and earning money in the way that works best for you.


How does it work?

  1. Click on the Neue Einsätze (New Assignments)  tab on the app home screen
  2. If the feature is enabled for one of your missions, you will find the Einsatzzeiten hinzufügen (Add Working Hours). Click on it
  3. Choose the host company you want to set working hours for
  4. Click on Einsatzzeiten hinzufügen (Add Working Hours)
  5. Wann wirst du arbeiten? (When will you work?) > Select the date and time to set your working hours 
    1. Remember: Shifts can only be added for the future and within a period of 30 calendar days
    2. here’s no need to add breaks, as they are automatically accounted for
  6. Click on Fertig (Finish)
  7. You can review the shifts you've added in the overview. You can:
      1. Weitere Einsätze hinzufügen (add more working hours),
      2. Alle Einsatzzeiten löschen (delete all working hours) or
      3. Einsatzzeiten übermitteln (submit working hours)
        1. To submit your entered assignments, use the slider on the Submit Working Hours button.

You can find working hours you have saved under the Meine Einsätze (My Assignments) tab in the home screen.

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