How am accounted for and what types of accounting are there?

In general, we distinguish between three types of accounting:

  • short-term employment
  • working-student employment
  • full social security employment

Short-term employment

Short-term employment is deemed to exist if the employment is limited from the outset to no more than three months or a total of 70 working days in a calendar year and is not professionally pursued. The amount of the salary is irrelevant. No social security contributions are due in the case of short-term employment. Short-term employment is always reported to the Bundesknappschaft (Minijob Zentrale).


For short-term employment, it is necessary to submit a valid certificate of study.


Income Tax

Income tax, on the other hand, can also be charged in the case of short-term employment. Whether income tax is ultimately charged depends on the income and the income tax class.

Income tax is a tax on non-independent work. Generally, it is due for each employee and must be paid directly to the tax office by the employer. 

The tax office assumes 30 tax days each month. The gross salary earned by an employee is extrapolated to 30 tax days.

Don't worry. The "overpaid" income tax can be reclaimed from the Finanzamt with the tax return.


Please note: There are no income tax privileges for students!

In general, working-students and short-term employees even pay slightly higher taxes than employees subject to full social security contributions for identical wages.

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