Why was my student status certificate or certificate of matriculation refused?

There are a number of reasons why your student status certificate could not be verified:

  • The document is not legible or not submitted in German or English
  • The document you uploaded is not complete. The following information must be included in your certificate of matriculation:

Field(s) of study, semester, degree programme

Period of validity (the semester)

Whether your degree is full-time or part-time

State-accredited university


  • The document you have uploaded is not correct because it is

not a certificate of matriculation.


  • The information in your certificate  is different to the information you entered. Make sure to check that the information you’ve entered corresponds to the information in your certificate. If your certificate needs to be valid for longer than one year, it’s important to enter the  semester periods for German universities which fall under the period for which your certificate is valid.
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