Public Holidays

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When are you entitled to public holiday compensation?

Entitlement to continued payment of salary for a public holiday occurs when you have worked on the same weekday of the public holiday at least once in the two previous weeks and at least once in the two following weeks and have a valid employment contract for the week.


If Monday, June 06 is a public holiday, John Smith must have had at least one job on the following days: 

  • Monday, May 30 or on Monday, May 23 (two weeks before) 
  • Monday, June 13 or on Monday, June 20 (two weeks after)

In other words, on the same weekday of the public holiday (i.e. Monday), two or one week/s before and two or one week/s after.

How high is the public holiday bonus?

The bonuses are generally paid in accordance with the IGZ collective wage agreement. According to the IGZ collective agreement, you are entitled to a bonus rate of 100% of the IGZ minimum wage. The exact amount of the public holiday bonus is calculated based on the average of your gross salary.

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