What should I do if I’m sick? Will I still be paid for sick days?

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If you are ill, it is important that you send your certificate of disability to your contact person. He or she will then store it in our system so that we can pay you your salary if you are entitled to it.

When are you entitled to continued payment of your salary in case of illness?

According to §3 of the “Entgeltfortzahlungsgesetz” (Continuation of Remuneration Act), the entitlement to continued payment of salary in the case of illness begins after four weeks of an uninterrupted duration of the employment. During this time, the health insurance company usually pays sick pay. If the incapacity for work then continues beyond the 28th day, the continued payment of salary starts on the 29th day.   

Please note, as soon as you have an interruption of more than 3 calendar weeks between your work contracts, the counting starts from the beginning.


How is your entitlement calculated per sick day?

Similar to the calculation of vacation, the calculation of the amount of remuneration to be paid is based on your average work salary for the last three or two months or the last month before the start of the incapacity for work. 

This gross income is again divided by the number of average working days in the year for the last three / two months or the last month.

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